Dime Novels: The Most Thrilling Stories Ever Published!

Media Contact:
Dylan McDonald, Special Collections Librarian
(575) 646-7711 or dylanmcd@nmsu.edu
For immediate release – Las Cruces, NM (June 24, 2019)

The NMSU Library Archives and Special Collections (ASC) will display numerous colorfully illustrated covers from the library’s extensive “dime novel” collection. Dime Novels: “The Most Thrilling Stories Ever Published!” highlights some of the over 3,800 dime novels held by ASC. The exhibit in Branson Library’s lobby is free and open to the public during normal business hours.
Dime novels were works of fiction, often serialized, written for young working-class people during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Easily identified by their cover illustrations and low price, they were described at the time as “lowbrow” or “lurid literature,” and contained melodramatic storylines with adventurous characters. Genres of dime novels included detectives, outlaws, inventors, boy wonders, and Western heroes.
To learn more about the Library’s dime novel collection, please go to http://lib.nmsu.edu/archives/specialcollections.html or visit ASC’s Caroline E. Stras Research Room on the 4th floor of Branson Library during research hours.

Sample of Dime Novel covers from some novels housed in our special collections

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